This camera is a replica made of pine and walnut. Hooks are milled or filed from brass. A special jig was made for the hinges. The raised edge bead of the plaque was  made from a bar of brass  bent over a form to create an ellipse. After that the beading was  milled down to the half itīs diameter and soldered to a brass plate. The characterstic front cracks were reproduced. Brass parts were aged with a solution of potassium sulphide  The camera was made 2003.




An homemade wax seal stamp was made to create the seal.                   





The lens mounting is lathed to form a vey thin tube . The lens is an achromat and  placed in the rear of the tube. The shutter flap is of authentic appearance according to Charles Chevalier.



The ground glass is placed in the rear of the smaller box in a frame of teak .The mirror is hinged to the teak  frame. The ground glass was made in the following way. A mixture carborundum and water was sandwiched between two pieces of glass, these are rubbed together to achive the ground effect. The mirror can be raised  in the frame. The focusing screen can then be replaced by the plateholder.
The plateholder was made in mahogany and birch. With aid of the guides is it possible to open the doors from the outside of the camera. Now it is possible to open the shutter flap and expose the plate.