Napoleon III.

Disderi 1861.
8 Bolevart des Italiens Paris


Horace Vernet (1789 - 1863) historical painter who went to Egypt 19 oct 1839 to daguerreotype scenes for a planned  painting of the Battle of Nezib. He also took views for Lerebours who supplied him with the daguerreotype camera. This is an early cartier de visit photographed by Disderi. Note the scetching book and the pencil on the little table.      This is a cdv of Amiral Hamelin (1796-1864).  Disderi took the pic and A. Giroux sold it.     French Author Victor Hugo,1802-85, and his grandchildren. He wrote 1862 Les misérables.
Photo:  C. Lundelius,Stockholm

This photo is taken by Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, better known as Nadar, Rue D´Anjou, 51 in Paris. One of Nadar´s best friends were the famous author Jules Verne. The Swedish Royal Family.
Photo montage: Edvard Lundholm,Sundsvall
The famous Swedish soprano Jenny Lind photo  by Mathias Hansen, Drottninggatan No5. ca 1865 A 1870 Jeremiah Gurney carte de visite photograph of the great Swedish soprano Christina Nilsson, who played Marguerite in Faust at the opening of the Metropolitan Opera in 1883.
Photo: Johannes Jaeger Malmtorgsgatan No 8 Stockholm 1863. Statue: Gustaf II Adolf by Pierre H. L´Archeveque The Royal Castle Stockholm ca 1870. Stamp:Carl Victor Bergman, 1843 -1899?  From 1890 photographer in By,Sidensjö married with  Serafia Angelika Långström.