My interest for art goes back to the teenages. I had a neighbour working
                                                       with engravings and my brother with photography in their spare time.
                                                       In addition a class mate which was a clever draftsman inspired me to appreciate

                                                         There have been periods of different interests, engravings from the botanical world,
                                                      handmade negatives enlarged on photographic paper with connection to the nature.
                                                     To work in a darkroom is a very special experiance, you are totaly concentrated on the image
                                                      in the weak red light.
                                                      Another period I was focused on indian ink drawings of landscape views. A photohistoric
                                                      interest showed the way to the Daguerreotype, the first commercial way to make a
                                                      photographic image.The technique is painfully slow but is very rewarding if you succeed.
                                                      Small changes in the process gives great differences in the image. It is about to keep a
                                                      dead process alive.
 My contemporary Daguerreotypes have been collected in a book.

                                                         Nature is a constant  source of inspiration. Experiances from the coast or from the
                                                      mountains inspires to new images. The illumination is important. Sometimes I try to
make my images as simple as possible to maximize the expression as a picture haiku.
                                                      The motif sometime comes like a snail and disappears like a lightning.
There is an
                                                      internal and external radar always in driving mode
The image can  tell a story which your
                                                      heart wants to tell.

                                                      2009 we started a gallery, KONST & KAMERA.